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Do you support payment in cryptocurrency2021-08-18T10:20:11+00:00

Yes we currently accept BTC , ETH, USDT, please contact our team to help.

What services do you provide?2021-08-18T10:22:16+00:00

Depends on the situation: banking , residency , passports etc.

When you become a member of Geoarbitrage, you’ll also plug into a network of some of the world’s most experienced, well-travelled, and knowledgeable people. Meet like-minded travellers and expats, discuss strategy and lifestyle, and develop a social network for your move abroad.

Could I get the services without being a member?2021-08-18T10:22:46+00:00

Unfortunately no, due to our long-term believe, we prefer building compounding relationships instead of transactions.

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    How we’ve helped our members

    Opening a bank account in Singapore is a headache, but Natalia helped us open it remotely in less than one month, even during the pandemic.

    It was super efficient, and there was absolutely no hassle!

    They helped facilitate the purchase of my property in Batumi while I basically just chilled at home!

    They handled everything from project selection to document translation, and I am shocked by how well they paid attention to every single detail.

    During the pandemic, Natalia and her team literally sorted out everything for me – from real estate selection and POA while I was in Malaysia to acquiring the Turkish passport, Geoarbitrage took care of all my needs.

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