First hand experience, independent, and
creative strategy

We are a boutique independent advisory firm providing tailored planning, wealth Advisory and lifestyle management services for you and your loved ones.

Founder: Natalia Mok

Creator , adventurer and entrepreneur.

Breaking free

Natalia was born in mainland China – tired of her home country’s many restrictions, she left China in 2017 to travel the world. She quickly realized that while freedom isn’t free, the right tools could maximize her wealth, increase her options, and maximize her freedom.

Walk the walk and talk the talk

We’re not like other traditional advisory firms, sitting in an air-conditioned office and reading reports all day.

Our team travels to different country every year to do research on the ground. We talk to local bankers, business owners, and local experts, giving us real insight on every country we visit. After years of trial and error, we’re confident in our skills and our international network – now, we’re here to help as many people as possible achieve the freedom we all deserve..

Join us to unlock your own international experience and take your life beyond borders.

Global View with Local Expertise