What We Offer

Our Network Becomes Yours

We’ve developed close working relationships with our clients and partners, and we want you to join the family. Our exclusive member-only Geoarbitrage experience features personalized, actionable plans for all your needs.

Offshore Investing

We consider the timing of large-scale purchases, sales, leasebacks and other transactions within the context of your income and tax projections. From there, we’ll advise as well as help facilitate the transactions, coordinating outside professionals when necessary.

Crypto Investing

Software is eating the world, with the rise of cryptocurrency, is going to revolutionize the way we spend and invest. All the new tools can be intimidating, but we’re here to guide the way.

Privacy Protection

In the age of big data, personal privacy is more important than ever. We’ll protect all your information and give you the tools you need to keep your data the way it should be – for your eyes only.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Gavin Tang
founder of Triper
Leo, investor and freedom seeker
Beth Liu
Business owner, Australia

Natalia has such a deep understanding of the offshore world. She always came up with an unique solution to the problems that I was facing.

It was great to work with Natalia and her team – they pay attention to every single detail, I am really glad to have found them.

When it comes to overseas investing or personalized solutions, I can tell that they make sure our privacy comes first – this is something I value a lot.

Moreover, the process is completely transparent and clear. Highly recommended!

A rare find. A consultant who is knowledgeable, efficient, upfront and most of all, I found Natalia to be genuine about helping me find what I was looking for, going above and beyond all expectation. Thank you.